We offer kids and adults the opportunity to experience horses in a relaxed and safe environment.  Our goals are to teach quality horsemanship and solid riding skills.  We have the experienced lesson ponies and horses to do that and the instructors to make it a reality.    

Here are Sophie on Evie and Sarah on Dougal enjoying the sunshine after a lesson and a walk on the polo field located at South Bay Horse Ranch.


For Sale - Dougal

Dougal and Brittney, reserve champions in their division at the Ocean Breeze July 28-30 show.  His first show of the year and he behaved impeccably.  Easy to load, easy to be around, he is good for the farrier, the vet.  He is everything you expect of a Connemara.

photo credit: Allissa Williams


Banana Bob makes a return

 The kids had the best time with the reptiles today.  Jen Van Deren explained and answered many questions about snakes, toads and spiders this afternoon.  It was a lot of fun.


Mini Cooper pulls the cart

The kids had a fun new experience this week.  Mini Cooper pulled the cart for them with Cher as the driver.


The Grey Games team

We had two teams of ponies playing games, a grey team and a bay team.  Here are the greys with their riders: Evie on the right and Woody on the left.  Please note the crazy cute tie-dyed saddle pads which were Thursday's craft.


Camps are Filling up

Our first week of camp is June 12, after that we have 5 more weeks of horse-filled fun and learning.  July 17 is full but there are spaces in the other weeks.  After one kids first year, she must have been 9 at the time, she said it was the best week of her life.  She is now driving herself and still coming to camp.  This is a week that kids will remember, so many memories.  The petting zoo has been booked for the beginner and skilled beginner weeks, polo for the advanced camp.  Our ponies and counsellors are ready to keep the kids safe, happy and active.

2016 Advanced week of camp plus counsellors.


Volunteer of the Year 2016 - Area VI

I was honored to receive the 2016 Area VI Volunteer of the Year award (Area VI is California and Hawaii.).  The jacket was presented by Don Trotter, himself an awesome volunteer, Chris Scarlett is the Chair of Area VI, again a volunteer and the master of ceremonies is Robert Kellerhouse.  Robert runs a terrific series of events both at Woodside and at Galway Downs in Temecula.  

As the dressage coordinator for volunteers I call on a a large number of people to give of their time and energy and enthusiasm to ensure that competitors get into their dressage arenas on time and they receive their dressage tests back at the end of day with legible handwriting and more importantly its their dressage test they are receiving back!  Now that we use email such a lot it's easier to reach people, a decade ago I used to make phone calls and that was way more of a challenge.  It would be impossible for me to do my job without the great people that answer my emails.  Thank you to volunteers everywhere for the time you spend giving to your community

 Woodside, May 27, 2017


Sugarloaf Farm has arrived in the 21st century!

We now have the technology to accept credit cards!  I'm a bit surprised myself that I can get the Square app to work on my phone but I can.



Exciting news for the advanced week of camp

Polo lessons have been booked for the advanced week of camp.  That's the July 24th week.  Francesca at South Bay Polo has been signed up to teach polo on Thursday morning.  There are still spaces available in this awesome week of camp.  We call it advanced week or experienced week because the kids need to get their own horses ready.  They need to be able to groom and tack up by themselves.  We have a series of interesting personalities coming to talk and do their thing during the week.  Use one of our lesson horses or bring your own.  This camp is similar to the camps I did in Ireland as a teenager without the manure collection!



This is super exciting.  There are huge vehicles in the covered arena making alot of noise as they scrape and remove the old footing.  New fresh sand will be delivered tomorrow and the arena will be rideable by Wednesday afternoon.  It is all good to go for Daniel Stewart's clinic on Sunday.   Everyone is welcome to audit.  Daniel will help you with your mental training, how to cope when things maybe dont go to plan.


Summer camps are filling up

We are offering 6 camps this year.  The June camps are nearly full.  Do please email the farm if you would like some more information or call me: Juliet :- 408 857 6240. You are welcome to use our ponies and horses or if you have your own and would like to bring them to camp, we have stalls available for them.  


Bekka and Gator 

Bekka and Gator are ready for their D3 certification.  The tack has been cleaned, the pony has been bathed and Bekka is ready to test.  She passed with flying colors!






Mid-Cal Regional Quiz

Saturday was quiz day for 86 kids, two ponies and numerous volunteers.  Thank you all for participating and helping.

Perry and Ian at the scoring tables

Duchy being loved by the kids from Silver State Pony Club, Nevada

Bekka and Splash on lunch break.


Ponies thankful for dry ground!

Early March and finally the ponies have somewhere warm and dry to all lie down.  The shelter and their blankets did a good job of keeping them dry but there is nothing like snoozing in the sun.


Horses caught up in the flood waters

The floods in Northern California have surprised people.  A horse facility in South San Jose found out the hard way that water is relentless.  Twenty horses were stuck in paddocks up to the bellies in water.  It was impossible to move the horses, the water was flowing too fast and there was an immense amount of debris in the water.  The horses were stuck for 3 days, fresh water and hay were brought in on flat bottomed boats and attached to the fences.  Finally the horses could be moved and South Bay Horse Ranch took in six of them.  The horses were dirty and smelly, they had been standing in some very unpleasant water for too long.  Sugarloaf Farm clients helped out by batheing the horses and holding them for the vet.         2/24/17


Fun Birthday Party

We had a great birthday party on Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Happy Birthday Georgia



Summer Camps 2017

We are pleased to offer 6 camps in 2017.  There will be beginner camps (3); skilled beginner camps (2) and an experienced rider camp.  The details are on the camp page.  The good news is that the price has not increased since 2014.  This is an excellent week of horse related activities provided by experienced camp counsellors.  


Horses and Ponies available for Partial Lease

We have horses and ponies available for partial lease.  Clients that have partial leases have rights to the horse during lessons, shows and Pony Club activities.  Leases cover partial board costs, horse care, use of tack and equipment, routine vet care, dentistry, shoeing, SmartPak supplements and grain.  

Delta would be a terrific horse to lease for the kid or adult that wanted to show, jump, trail ride, anything - he can do it all.

Woody is quieter and would be a safe choice for a kid that wanted to learn how to jump cross rails.

Pumpkin would be awesome if you wanted to learn dressage.  She is a fabulous mover and well educated.

Please check out our staff pages for their photos and bios.


Pumpkin returns

Pumpkin was on sabbatical for a little while, keeping an old friend company.  That old friend has passed on to greener pastures and Pumpkin has come back to Sugarloaf Farm. She is sound, looks great and is back in work.



Birthday Party!

We had a great birthday party for Taylor.  Duchy and Woody were on their best behavior and the kids loved the games we played.  Meanwhile the craft was the firm favorite, the duct tape bag.  


Randy Bentson's Sensory Clinic

We were lucky enough to have Randy give a clinic at South Bay shortly after we moved in.  Several of our ponies and riders took advantage of this opportunity.  Here Katherine and Evie are calmly walking over the tarp.  In the foreground is the monkey in the barrel, the riders pulled on a rope and as the lid of the barrel was raised the monkey was exposed.  Loved it!