We offer kids and adults the opportunity to experience horses in a relaxed and safe environment.  Our goals are to teach quality horsemanship and solid riding skills.  We have the experienced lesson ponies and horses to do that and the instructors to make it a reality.    

Here are Sophie on Evie and Sarah on Dougal enjoying the sunshine after a lesson and a walk on the polo field located at South Bay Horse Ranch.


Mid-Cal Regional Quiz

Saturday was quiz day for 86 kids, two ponies and numerous volunteers.  Thank you all for participating and helping.

Perry and Ian at the scoring tables

Duchy being loved by the kids from Silver State Pony Club, Nevada

Bekka and Splash on lunch break.


Ponies thankful for dry ground!

Early March and finally the ponies have somewhere warm and dry to all lie down.  The shelter and their blankets did a good job of keeping them dry but there is nothing like snoozing in the sun.


Horses caught up in the flood waters

The floods in Northern California have surprised people.  A horse facility in South San Jose found out the hard way that water is relentless.  Twenty horses were stuck in paddocks up to the bellies in water.  It was impossible to move the horses, the water was flowing too fast and there was an immense amount of debris in the water.  The horses were stuck for 3 days, fresh water and hay were brought in on flat bottomed boats and attached to the fences.  Finally the horses could be moved and South Bay Horse Ranch took in six of them.  The horses were dirty and smelly, they had been standing in some very unpleasant water for too long.  Sugarloaf Farm clients helped out by batheing the horses and holding them for the vet.         2/24/17


Fun Birthday Party

We had a great birthday party on Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Happy Birthday Georgia



Summer Camps 2017

We are pleased to offer 6 camps in 2017.  There will be beginner camps (3); skilled beginner camps (2) and an experienced rider camp.  The details are on the camp page.  The good news is that the price has not increased since 2014.  This is an excellent week of horse related activities provided by experienced camp counsellors.  


Horses and Ponies available for Partial Lease

We have horses and ponies available for partial lease.  Clients that have partial leases have rights to the horse during lessons, shows and Pony Club activities.  Leases cover partial board costs, horse care, use of tack and equipment, routine vet care, dentistry, shoeing, SmartPak supplements and grain.  

Delta would be a terrific horse to lease for the kid or adult that wanted to show, jump, trail ride, anything - he can do it all.

Woody is quieter and would be a safe choice for a kid that wanted to learn how to jump cross rails.

Pumpkin would be awesome if you wanted to learn dressage.  She is a fabulous mover and well educated.

Please check out our staff pages for their photos and bios.


Pumpkin returns

Pumpkin was on sabbatical for a little while, keeping an old friend company.  That old friend has passed on to greener pastures and Pumpkin has come back to Sugarloaf Farm. She is sound, looks great and is back in work.



Birthday Party!

We had a great birthday party for Taylor.  Duchy and Woody were on their best behavior and the kids loved the games we played.  Meanwhile the craft was the firm favorite, the duct tape bag.  


Randy Bentson's Sensory Clinic

We were lucky enough to have Randy give a clinic at South Bay shortly after we moved in.  Several of our ponies and riders took advantage of this opportunity.  Here Katherine and Evie are calmly walking over the tarp.  In the foreground is the monkey in the barrel, the riders pulled on a rope and as the lid of the barrel was raised the monkey was exposed.  Loved it!


The Cross Ties are installed

A Huge thank you to AnneMarie and Perry for getting the cross ties installed like I wanted them.


Today, October 16, 2016

Our Ponies using the shelter.


Three Hours Later

Yes - its a carport.


The Shelter Arrives

When we arrived at South Bay, our ponies had very nice paddocks but no shelter.  We ordered our very own shelter, it arrived very, very early in the morning.


Charity Polo Tournament

Our first weekend at South Bay Horse Ranch and we jumped into the action.  It was the Charity Polo tournament and one of the polo teams played for Golden Hills Pony Club.  We ran the tack sale and sold raffle tickets like crazy.  Our team was brilliant, the match was played indoors and Naima commentated so at least those of us new to polo had sort of a clue as to what was going on. The other charity represented was Square Peg.  Tennasen Davern took this super photo of Golden Hills Pony Club and our three intrepid polo players.  It was a fun way to immerse ourselves at the new facility.



West Coast Connemara Show

Our July trip to the Connemara and Irish Draft show in Santa Rosa was fun and successful.  Alicia and Delta were the champions in the Prospect Division.  This was a lovely send off for her as she has now disappeared to university. Anja was Junior Champion.  Our two Connemaras did us proud, again, so well behaved and versatile and nice to be around.


Lessons during the school year

If you are interested in riding lessons during the school year please let us know.  The covered arena will ensure that we can teach even during the rainy season.  We teach seven days a week, happy to start early and provided we have a lunch break, happy to teach after school or work!


Sugarloaf Farm has moved

The new facility is called South Bay Horse Ranch and the address is 1290 Masten Avenue.  It's just off 101, east on Masten and you are there.  It's going to be an adventure.  It's a large facility, it has a polo field, an enormous covered arena plus a lovely track and trails.  There is a club house with a large screen tv so perfect for presentations, lectures, camp and birthday parties!   The newly matted barn aisle


The sign is up on the office.


Final week of camp

We had an incredibly busy last week of camp.  I dont know what I was thinking.  This week was for the intermediate campers.  They did the badges from Skilled Beginner week and the trail and combined test from advanced week.  They pulled shoes with Nick on Monday and helped Tracy with her chiropractic work on Wednesday.  There were not enough hours in the week.  They had a blast.  I want to give a shout out to Rachel, the most wonderful craft person a camp director could ask for.  These horse heads are made from glass that the kids cut themselves.  They picked the colors and the size of the glass and did it themselves.  Brilliant


Beginner Camp

We had such a fun third week of camp.  It started hot but the weather at the end could not have been better. We had a nice mix of ages with the oldest kids being so sweet and considerate to the younger ones.  Also the kids that had attended camp before and knew the drill were happy to explain to the newbies.  Parents really appreciated that the kids were asleep early!


Advanced Camp

Our Advanced Camp kids on their final day.  We hosted a Combined Test.  It was so fun, lots of nervous kids batheing and braiding their horses before their dressage tests.  Then the stadium course had to be walked and studied.  A busy fun day with new skills conquered.